If you are thinking of going to the IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium (CSF) this year, please be aware that you must register by TODAY if you want to have a print proceedings at the event itself. For various reasons (worthy of a blog-post in their own right) this year will not be like previous years. In previous years, you could register at any time and automatically receive a copy of the proceedings when you showed up. This year, on the other hand, is more complicated:

  • If you register by June 10, 2010, and order a copy of the proceedings during registration, then you will get your copy when you show up at CSF.
  • If you register after June 10, or register before then but don't order the proceedings, then you will have a chance to order a copy of the proceedings at CSF itself. It will be printed by a print-on-demand operation and shipped to any address you specify. Total cost: it depends, but probably on the order of $15 plus shipping. But you won't get it until after CSF ends.
  • If you do not register for CSF, or do not order your copy at CSF itself, you can still order a copy from the IEEE. It will again be printed by a print-on-demand operation, and likely to be of very high quality. And it better be, for what they charge: ordering the 2009 CSF Proceedings this way will cost you about $100.

So, if you were thinking about attending CSF, let this give you the impetus to do so. It's a great conference, it's going to be co-located with a bunch of other great conferences (included in the registration-price) and it's in Edinburgh, Scotland. What more do you need?