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Professional Experience

Principal Security Architect, Amazon Web Services (2022 -- present)
Overseeing design and implementation of cryptographic computing products.
Principal Security Architect -- Senior Security Architect -- Security Architect, Akamai Technologies (2014 -- 2021)
Internal advocate for security and system safety. Analyzed systems for technical risks and hazards; advised executives and developers regarding feasible remediations. Created and delivered ongoing company-wide training on hazard analysis and safety practices for complex systems.
Co-Founder, Amy Herzog Designs (2012 -- 2021)
Engineering 'half' of two-person startup. Responsible for development and maintenance of profitable webapp from inception to sale. Use of test-driven development, CI/CD processes, and cloud-based deployment enabled single-person 'team' to develop new features while supporting 31K users.
Technical Staff, MIT Lincoln Laboratory (2009 -- 2014)
Analysis, development and standardization of group-keying protocols; security analysis of tactical communication systems; development of new cryptographic algorithms; empirical test and evaluation of privacy-preserving database systems. PI for two projects; software developer on three projects. Authored four conference publications and one IETF RFC. Organized 13-week course on all aspects of cyber security.
Cryptographic Consultant, Jonathan Herzog Consulting (2006 -- 2009)
Sample projects: evaluation of proprietary cryptographic algorithms; review of open-source cryptographic libraries; guidance with regard to selection of security protocols.
Associate Professor of Computer Science, Naval Postgraduate School (2006 -- 2008)
Teaching: Algorithms & data structures; programming languages & OOP (Java, Python, OCaml, Perl, Erlang, Ada, Prolog, and assorted development tools); cryptography & cryptographic protocols.
Cryptographer, The MITRE Corporation (1997 -- 2006)
Cryptographic analysis and development. Author of 18 conference and journal publications; developer on 2 software projects. Influenced standard for SSHv2; advised both NSA and Air Force. Proposed and managed three tasks with combined budget of $600K and combined staff of 5 researchers.


  • PhD: MIT, Computer Science, 2002 -- 2004
  • MS: MIT, Computer Science, 2000 -- 2002
  • BS: Harvey Mudd College, Mathematics, 1993 -- 1997


  • Naval Postgraduate School: Honorable Mention, RADM Schieffelin Award (i.e., rated among top 5% of faculty in teaching)
  • IEEE, IEEE TC on Security & Privacy: IEEE Golden Core Award, Meritorious Service Award, Outstanding Community Service Award (twice)
  • The MITRE Corporation: MITRE Best Paper Award, Program Innovation Award, Program Recognition Award, Spot Award
  • Harvey Mudd College: High honors, departmental honors
  • Other: R&D 100 Award, cited by Wikipedia, Putnam score: 13