No, really. I meant it. MIT Lincoln Lab (my employer) really, really, really wants to hire more computer-security experts. Lots more. All of them, frankly, if it could. See my previous post on the topic for general information on the Lab, and pointers to where you can find our detailed job-postings (which are not posted anywhere else on the web, as far as I know). But to whet your interest, here's some of the people we want:

  • Cyber Testing PI/Analysis PhD/MS
  • Cyber Testing Director PhD/MS
  • ID testbed Developer MS/BS+
  • Wireless Networking security+Analysis MS+/PhD
  • Security Analysis MS+/PhD
  • Security Architecture/Implementation BS+/MS
  • Security Monitoring person 5yrs BS/MS+ TS//SI
  • Malcode analyst MS/PhD
  • Malcode Analyst BS+/MS
  • Database Security Architect
  • Database Security Implementer

But I should also add: if you have a MS or PhD in any form of computer- security, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Ignore the job-postings. Send your CV right to me. For advanced degrees (especially PhDs) we pay more attention to the person than the position.