I am no longer actively consulting or taking on new clients. If you would like to find a cryptographic consultant, please contact me for a reference.

Previous clients include:

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Project

Review, testing, and validation of the LibTomCrypt open-source library for the One Laptop Per Child project. Required development of custom test-bed system. Both library and test-bed written in ANSI C. Identified and patched average of one to two serious bugs per algorithm. Bug reports and patches submitted back to library's author.

Ivan Krstić, One Laptop Per Child:

"I hired Jon to review the cryptographic library used by the OLPC security architecture; he discovered several flaws of varying potential impact. He was later asked to assist with elements of protocol design for the innovative OLPC communication services. Jon's work was thorough, dependable, and delivered on schedule. I look forward to working with him again in the future, and recommend him without reservation."

Basho Technologies

Development of technical roadmap for new client effort in data-mining.

Justin Sheehy, CTO, Basho Technologies:

“I needed applied expertise in statistics, machine learning, and data analysis. I hired Jonathan for that purpose even though he had no history in any of those specialties. I believed that his strong mathematics background, his commitment to good work, and his eagerness to learn new things would pay off. Jonathan dove right in, quickly learning new tools such as Matlab and Erlang/OTP and new topics such as statistical regression and classification. He worked hard to expand his own horizons while also making judicious use of outside experts when necessary. He delivered top-quality results, including well-written papers for technical and non-technical audiences. His results had a direct positive impact on our business, affecting the quality and direction of our products. Jon's communication with management is excellent. He is very capable of working autonomously, but is diligent in ensuring that his direction stays aligned with that of the business around him. His integrity and conscience are unquestionably strong; having known Jon now for about 10 years I would trust him to behave with honor in any situation. If I had any opening that I thought would interest him, I would hope to hire Jon. In the areas he has worked for me, I will compare other candidates against the high bar set by his performance.”

MSR Security

Analysis of proprietary cryptographic algorithm.

Shahram Karimian, MSR Security:

"It has been a pleasure working with Mr. Herzog. He is very professional, knowledgeable and explained everything in very simple language for a novice to understand. After working with Mr. Herzog we were able to improve our algorithm to make it more powerful then we first thought."

The MITRE Corporation

Development of resilient-system programming-language constructs for FFRDC. Project included: Development of novel distributed algorithms using Trusted Computing infrastructure to detect Byzantine failures. Implementation of said algorithms as Erlang 'behaviours'. Proofs of correctness, and publication of results. Analysis of proprietary cryptographic algorithm.

(As a matter of policy, MITRE does not provide testimonials for any vendor or consultant.)