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Professional Experience

Senior Security Architect, Akamai Technologies (2014 -- present)
InfoSec liaison to other business units. Review system designs; advisor on safety and security considerations.
Chief Technologist, Amy Herzog Designs (2012 -- present)
Development of web app from inception to present. Led team of four other developers on UI and feature development. At the time of this writing (Spring 2016) web app has 21K+ users and generates enough revenue to be self-supporting.
Technical Staff, MIT Lincoln Laboratory (2009 -- 2014)
Analysis, development and standardization of group-keying protocols; security analysis of tactical communication systems; development of new cryptographic algorithms; empirical test and evaluation of privacy-preserving database systems. PI for two projects; software developer on three projects. Authored four conference publications and one IETF RFC. Organized 13-week course on all aspects of cyber security.
Senior Computer Scientist, Basho Technologies (2008)
Development of machine learning algorithms for sales forecasting and sales-agent guidance.
Associate Professor of Computer Science, Naval Postgraduate School (2006 -- 2008)
Teaching: Algorithms & data structures; programming languages & OOP (Java, Python, OCaml, Perl, Erlang, Ada, Prolog, and assorted development tools); cryptography & cryptographic protocols.
Cryptographic Consultant, Jonathan Herzog Consulting (2006 -- 2009)
Sample projects: evaluation of proprietary cryptographic algorithms; review of open-source cryptographic libraries; guidance with regard to selection of security protocols.
Cryptographer, The MITRE Corporation (1997 -- 2006)
Cryptographic analysis and development. Author of 18 conference and journal publications; developer on 2 software projects. Influenced standard for SSHv2; advised both NSA and Air Force. Proposed and managed three tasks with combined budget of $600K and combined staff of 5 researchers.


  • PhD: MIT, Computer Science, 2002 -- 2004
  • MS: MIT, Computer Science, 2000 -- 2002
  • BS: Harvey Mudd College, Mathematics, 1993 -- 1997


  • Naval Postgraduate School: Honorable Mention, RADM Schieffelin Award (i.e., rated among top 5% of faculty in teaching)
  • IEEE, IEEE TC on Security & Privacy: IEEE Golden Core Award, Meritorious Service Award, Outstanding Community Service Award (twice)
  • The MITRE Corporation: MITRE Best Paper Award, Program Innovation Award, Program Recognition Award, Spot Award
  • Harvey Mudd College: High honors, departmental honors
  • Other: R&D 100 Award